Interior Painting Ideas Guaranteed to Bring Your Walls Back to Life!

wall paint ideas

wall paint ideas

There are many different interior paint ideas you’ll discover that can be used to add style, and change the look of your rooms. As you begin decorating the rooms of your home.

Interior paint ideas are about being creative and you can be as creative as you wish. Plus, you shouldn’t have a problem when it comes to controlling your budget.

That’s because most of the materials you will need can be acquired for a small amount of money. However, you should remember that although interior paint ideas do not have to be expensive, creating your designs with them, can take quite a bit of your time.

So, be patient, because hurrying your paint designs will often result in an unrewarding outcome.

The following are some of the different ways you can use interior paint ideas to dress up the look of your walls:

Rag Rolling – Rag rolling is done by rolling up a rag as you would a magazine or newspaper, and then rolling it with your hands over the wet paint that has already been applied to the wall.

Stenciling – Stenciling is one of the best interior paint ideas because it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate your walls. Stenciling works by painting the areas that have been cut out of a template.

Small Garden Design Ideas – Landscaping and Home Garden Plans

home garden

home garden

A garden owner can themselves design and can create layout plans for planting of landscapes and garden. You as an amateur gardener can attain a good level of experience by working for many hours in your garden. This will give you many ideas. Landscaping can be enhanced with a vegetable home garden as part of the small garden design. There has been an increased interest in small garden design since the twentieth century.

Who so ever be the designer of the garden, be it an amateur or a professional, be sure your home garden plans include a vegetable garden planting. Ask your friends for their ideas. Landscaping should follow certain rules and principles to meet the desires and need of the owners or the users of gardens. The layout of the gardens must include walls, sitting areas, paths, as well as plants themselves. I know someone who has placed numerous yard gnomes throughout their garden. That is some odd home garden decorating.

Brazilian Cherry Flooring – Versatile, Durable and Stunning

Cherry Flooring

Cherry Flooring

If you have an area in your home that consists old wood floors that are in serious need of repair, you have two choices. One, you can undertake a rather laborious wood floor repair task or you can replace the old floor with something fresh and new. Considering the amount of labor involved in sanding and staining an old floor that may also be warped, and cracked, most homeowners today are choosing to install a new wood floor to give the room a dramatic and complete make-over.

There are many types of wood flooring from which to choose but if you want something a bit different than maple or pine, consider Brazilian cherry flooring. A floor made from Brazilian cherry is very hard and resistant against denting and scuffs compared to other wood flooring, making it a very popular choice. This flooring has a lovely, rich color that ranges from a dark orange to a reddish brown-with a medium to course texture. Its color become gradually darker and richer with age which further enhances its beauty over the years. This hardwood is harvested from Brazilian cherry trees which grow to a height of around 100 feet and are on average, five feet in diameter. The tree grows abundantly on hillsides and near water in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.

A Beginner’s Guide to Wall Painting and Home Decor

Wall painting can be customized to fit any lifestyle if matched well with the sculpture and furniture of the house. Wall paint colours can have a great impact on people and it’s important to make the most of them when decorating your home. With the help of some home painting ideas, you can transform your home to give it a wonderful look that can make it more welcoming for family and friends.

With self-expression becoming a trend worldwide, everyone is looking for home decor ideas to get that perfect look for their home that reflects their unique style. Furnishings, accessories, flooring, and lighting are some of the aspects that can alter the decor of your home completely. On the other hand, wall painting is of equal importance as it complements the other mentioned aspects, giving an enhanced appearance. You can make your home look more appealing with the range of colours and ideas that are available today. One would be surprised as to how much of a role do paints play in decoration, as it forms the background for interior home decor.

However, it is difficult to choose good wall paints as there are many variations available in the market. To choose the most suitable one, the first thing to consider is the room you are looking to paint. If it’s your children’s room, then you can go for vibrant or lively wall painting ideas such as glow paints. Glow paints glow in the dark and give your kids’ room a fun and interesting look. If painting the entire house with one colour is what you are looking to do, then you have to be a little more careful while choosing the paints as it will form the base for your home decor. When selecting a colour scheme, one must keep in mind that most of the home painting techniques make use of two shades of one colour. The darker shade forms the base and the lighter one tops it to make the final look much lighter. The paints chosen have to be compatible with the rest of the decor of your home as well. To spice things up, there are different wall painting techniques like ragging sponging or stamping that can give your walls a unique and special touch.

Keeping all this in mind, one has to also emphasize on selecting the best and most trusted brand of paints as quality precedes all. There are several attractive colours with their numerous wall painting schemes out there. You can even use different painting patterns and designs to make the walls brighter, colourful and welcoming. With proper application of these wall painting ideas, you can make your home much more inviting and the perfect place to spend time in.

Exterior Wall Painting Ideas In Home Painting

The color of your outside walls says as much about your home as your interiors. Think about it. It is the first aspect of your house that anyone will see. So it is important that those walls get as much attention as your interiors. Painting is the fastest way to transform the appearance of your walls. You can either brighten up the look of your home or tone it done in a note. As time goes by the color of the paint fades. The outside walls get affected more because they are open to the elements. The constant exposure to the sun, the rains, dust, smoke and pollution affects the paint, making it dull and faded.

Painting exterior walls gives your home a protective layer against the elements. Skimping on quality may result in damage to the structure of your house. For example, if moisture is sealed into walls, it can result in mold and rot. It is better to incur the minimal cost of painting the outside walls rather that bear the heavy charges of dealing with moisture damage. The sun also lends its hand in slowly spoiling the paint. It can fade the color and the ultraviolet rays can break down the binder of the paint. When this gets deteriorated, the pigment takes the form of powder and can get either washed away in the rain or blown away with the wind. The exposure to rain can cause the paint to peel off in strips. That is why it is important to choose the right type of paint that is best suited for the weather conditions. Make sure that while painting exterior walls, you are using paints that are suited for the predominant weather type and are of good quality. By doing this, you can wait for a longer periods of time before repainting your walls.

Another important aspect to consider is the right time to repaint your walls. It should be ideally done in the months that are hot so that the paints can dry. The monsoon season is never a good time to repaint your house as the moisture can spoil it. But you don’t have to paint your walls to only protect it from the weather. You can also just paint them to infuse novelty into your home. A new shade of paint can transform your home into a palace. Painting walls is an effective way of rejuvenating your home and giving it a new look. If you are looking to sell your house, a fresh new paint job can drive up the value of your home. In this way painting your home is an investment.

Accent Wall Paint Ideas – Interior Wall Paint Colors Create a New and Fun Environment

wall paint ideas

wall paint ideas

The eye goes to color, and when color is placed around a room your eye moves from one area to another taking in the entire space. Using color as a focal point can be very effective. However it can be tricky, too much color and the room can be overwhelming and too little and it gets lost. Where is that perfect balance?

Every room needs a focal point, something that draws your attention and paint can be a very effective medium to do this. Focal points create interest and when you build the rest of the room around it you have a very pleasing space.

Paint is an easy way to create a focal point. I use a very inexpensive method called color blocking. Color blocking is very simple. You apply a block any size or shape of an accent color to a wall. I had a set of three pictures I loved and wanted to put them on a very large wall in my living room. The pictures alone would have looked lost, but when I put a large block of an accent color on the wall and then hung them inside that block of color they looked wonderful. I pulled the accent color out of the pictures themselves, this made a cohesive look.

When looking for focal points look for architectural items in your home. Arch ways, recessed walls, bay windows or moldings. Use paint to make them stand out and become a point of interest in your home. You can make them more interesting with a contrasting color.

Look for the largest piece of furniture, window or even a high ceiling, anything that can be accented with color to bring the eye to that location. Don’t stop there after you have found the area in your room that you want to accent, continue that color around the room. It can be in pictures, pillows, fabrics or rugs on the floor. This method will make the eye move around the room, and it will feel complete and connected.

Just a word of warning…do not overdo the accent wall unless you are able to balance it within the room. Example if you have a red room, which is already a very intense color and you decide you really love the deep color of purple, and you want to paint it as an accent wall. Pulling that off could be a challenge the combination would be very overwhelming and intense. A better way might be to use a different hue or intensity of the red in an accent wall, and put the deep purple throughout the room in pictures, pillows or fabrics. This would give you the best of all worlds.

Decorative Painting Techniques – Accent Wall Paint Ideas to Change the Most Boring Walls

If you are living with a color in your home that you like, but it needs to be fresher and more interesting, what can you do besides repaint the entire wall? You have some great options that are easy, inexpensive and create a professional look.

Many options are at your fingertips. The easiest is to use a technique called sponge painting. It literally is what it says – sponge color over the existing wall and you are done. This is a very easy process with good results but you must use the correct additives to get the look you want. Sponge painting is used to create a soft blending of colors together to give the illusion of color.

You start this process mixing your accent paint color with an extender (purchased at any hardware or paint store), this extends the drying time and makes the paint translucent. Using this product allows you to get the desired effect of the soft blending of colors together. Designer note: I always use a small amount of the wall color along with the other colors, and I never use more than three colors. Don’t be afraid to put color over color for this technique, be sure to work in small areas with wet edges.

A second interesting look that I happen to like a lot is to make stripes diagonally or horizontally on the wall, this time with no paint. For this technique you simply use a polyurethane sealer…a different sheen than the sheen on the walls currently. I often use a shiner sheen, or you could do the opposite if you currently have a shinny walls.

You decided how wide you want the stripes tape them off and apply the polyurethane sealer over every other stripe and you have a finished product. It is subtle yet very striking. Designer note: make sure your lines are straight it will be very easy to see if they are not. And carefully plan how you lay out the size of each stripe taking into consideration how they will end up at the corners and at the end of the room. Painting tip: to get a perfect edge at the tape line use a small amount of the polyurethane sealer with a paint brush and seal the edges before you start painting.

These techniques will change the look of any room, and they are both inexpensive and fun to do. You can use them to do the entire room or just an accent wall.

Flower Inspired Wall Painting Ideas for Homes

Nature amazes and surprises us every day in some form or the other and one such unforgettable part of nature is flower. Flowers are known to have the ability of having healing powers and a lot more. Just like fresh flowers in a living would convey peace and harmony and let positivity flow, this however isn’t possible on a daily basis as it would require a lot of effort and time to maintain them. Instead opting for floral inspired motifs in home decoration and painting exercise can get the same effect and feel to your home without much to look after.

Wall Painting: Splashing colors on the walls and covering them up is not the only way you can dress up your walls. Why not try painting your favorite flowers on your walls? You can add the freshness quotient and the liveliness to your room by using floral motifs, patterns, sketches etc over your walls. The wall paints available today in the market are high on versatility giving a lot of scope for experimentation so that you can get the desired effect on your walls. Whether you want a border of white lilies to frame your walls or orchids to welcome your guests in the living room or the brightness of sunflowers in your kitchen you can get them all with the help of wall painting.

Home decorating ideas: You can even bring the floral effect in your home by making use of accessories. A tulip shaped light fixture over a painting or the French window, or a flower shaped mirror frame for your bathroom or even candles with flower essence there are no dearth of home decorating ideas. Creating an ambiance is very important and home decor plays a vital role in it. Even your furnishings can communicate your love for flowers through bed covers, table covers etc. Ideas are many all you need to do is give your imagination a boost and implement them within your home through colors.

Flowers can lift our mood and using wall painting techniques one can practically bring out any theme beautifully within any given space. You too can explore the endless arena of flowers and their colors. A reason why many people choose floral theme in their homes is because it lets them add wide variety of colors to their homes. People who love to be surrounded by colors will in every way love flowers.

Walls need to do the talking, after all these form an integral part of every home. On the other hand the area needs to have other elements too which is what home decorating adds to a home. A balanced blend of both can do wonders to your abode.