Appreciating Beautiful Cherry Flooring

If you are thinking about laying new floors in your home, take a good look at beautiful cherry flooring.

Cherry wood has been used for centuries, chiefly for furniture. This is because it can be polished to a wonderful hue. The color will actually deepen as the wood ages giving it an even more wonderful look. Some cherry wood will deepen in color within a few short months, so take that into account also. For example, if you really like the texture of the Brazilian cherry wood but would like it darker, just give it a few months and you should adore it.

Cherry is wonderful hardwood flooring that will last for years with regular maintenance. It is actually very easy to clean. A simple dusting with a dust mop and a once a week mopping with a damp mop is all they need to maintain their beauty for years to come.

As you begin your search for cherry flooring, keep in mine that not all cherry wood is alike. Some of them are actually harder and more durable than others, and some of them have slightly different reddish hues to them. You will also have to take into account if the room you are going to install it in get a great deal of natural light. Sunlight can and will bleach the color out, so sheers or window film are recommended in very light rooms.

Before purchasing your new flooring, make sure that it is kiln dried to avoid the possibility of shrinking after it is installed. Also, laying it in high moisture areas such as kitchens and baths is not recommended, as it will warp easily. If you have to do any sanding before you finish it, make sure you wear a dust mask and goggles as many people have allergies to the cherry dust.

However, if you really want a very easy to maintain cherry flooring, you can look into the engineered cherry flooring. This is not real wood flooring, but it mimics it very well. It is able to withstand more punishment than actual cherry flooring, but it will not have the shine or depth of color as the honest item.

This flooring is like other wood flooring in that they will scratch easily, and those scratches deter from the overall beauty and shine. Always use some form of floor covering such as a rug in high traffic area to minimize scratching from dust and dirt that may be tracked in from shoes.