Bamboo Flooring Adds Warmth To Your Home

bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is increasingly popular recently since it is environmentally sound and durable as an alternative to hardwood. Bamboo is really a kind of grass which is grown sustainably all over China and Southeast Asia. It’s a high-quality alternative to costly traditional hardwood flooring.

Professional in flooring always look for durable, attractive, affordable material to recommend to clients. They know that consumers will want high-quality flooring which looks nice and will hold up to everyday lifestyles. Bamboo Flooring is suitable and will make a fine choice.

Bamboo stalks only take three to five years to fully mature and they grow to be as tall as fifty feet. The bamboo naturally renews itself so it is good for the environment. It is a better option than harvesting trees because trees take from fifty to one hundred years to mature. Bamboo is durable and hard even though it is a kind of grass. Also, bamboo is able to grow in areas that are not good for other crops. It can grow where there is poor soil. It even grows vigorously after harvesting which makes it one of the quickest growing plants in the entire world.

Bamboo flooring will also add value to your home because it is hard, durable and beautiful. It is just as good as any other kind of traditional hardwood flooring. Bamboo Floors looks great and are practical. It has also become more popular recently because it is environmentally friendly.

Bamboo flooring comes in colors common in hardwood such as honey, light wood, dark wood, and amber. Pressure steaming and carbonization are techniques used to create the darker colors found in a lot of bamboo floors. Bamboo flooring panels can be arranged in many different patterns such as vertical or flat grain.

Installation is done by gluing, floating, or by secret nailing. Boards may be glued directly to subflooring or glued tongue to groove, also known as floating. A secret nail gun may be used to shoot the nails at a 45-degree angle through the tongue and into the subfloor. It’s known as secret nailing since the tongue and the nail heads are covered up by the next board. Pre-finished and unfinished bamboo panels are available online via flooring vendors.

Bamboo floors are an excellent choice for a new floor, giving a warm, comforting ambiance with a contemporary and timeless appeal. Bamboo floors are fashionable, reasonably priced, durable, ‘green’ and add value to your home. Any homeowner shopping for new flooring should consider bamboo because it is a cheaper alternative to traditional hardwood floors and very easy to maintain.